You may want to consider chopping the pork from your diet in 2013…

Time to kick off a new year of Food Fouls with… contaminated pork!

A Consumer Reports analysis discovered yersinia enterocolitica was abundant in US pork chop and ground pork samples.

The bacteria can cause such unpleasant side effects as fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Salmonella and other harmful bacteria were also found.

The product of these little piggies that went to the butcher also were found to be resistant to common antibiotics, as the antibiotics used in pork farming (that are pumped into diseased animals, to put it bluntly) build up an immunity in consumers, sometimes making them resistant to some drugs or making those drugs less effective.

Put your fork into something OTHER than pork. New years equal new resolutions, so if you’re not ready to kick meat, why not start with one kind of meat (pig, for one, seems to be a good option)?

Here’s the CNN story, which includes a list of brands tested in the study: Contaminated Pork – CNN Eatocracy

The full Consumer Reports study can be found here: Pork – Consumer Reports

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